Spring Cleaning Tips to Make the Process Easier

Although there’s a bit of a freeze that most of the country is feeling, Spring will be showing it’s lovely face soon! This means time for Spring cleaning again. Won’t that be nice compared to the slush, snow, ice and temperatures we’ve endured lately? Here are some great tips to get you in the mood for your Spring cleaning adventures.

Although your windows have been shut and locked tight against the winter winds and cold, soon you will be opening them to allow the fresh air to circulate through your home. However, you want them to be nice and clean before you do. One of the greatest ways to get into a cleaning mood is to choose some upbeat, happy music. You’ll be surprised how much easier it is to clean while you’re listening to your MP3 player or a CD.

After you have the windows sparkling clean, you should take the drapes down and get rid of the dust that has built up on your blinds. Still in the rhythm with the music? Awesome! Now, put up your spring curtains after airing and ironing them if needed. After this you want to head to the kitchen and work on those cabinets. Cleaning and relining them is a great way to make sure they are up to par. Boy, you are a cleaning machine!

Alright, you ready to burn some energy? Vacuum your entire home as you listen to some great dance CD. Show your moves; it’s OK – no one is looking. Alright. Take time out for a nice lunch and then get ready to go all over again. It’s dusting and polishing time. Make sure you get the coffee table, end tables, shelves, etc. Alright, now put on your best CD because it’s time for the big finish. Tackle that kid’s room! Pick up toys, dust under the beds and call it quits! You are totally awesome – now you can enjoy a nice tall glass of iced tea. Spring cleaning wasn’t that bad was it?

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Home Cleaning Tips for the New Mom

Congratulations! You’re a new mom. This is a very exciting time. It can also be pretty frustrating when it comes to house cleaning. Here are some great home cleaning tips for the new mom:

Don’t make the common mistake that most new moms do and clean up while your baby is napping – unless you feel that you simply don’t need rest. Instead of doing this, clean up when your baby is awake and satisfied! You can place him or her in the swing, playpen, bouncer, etc., and get some home cleaning accomplished!

When you’re a new mom, things can start to clutter your home quite easily. One way to avoid this is to designate a spot for everything. Invest in some baskets that you can use to keep clutter to a minimum. In the nursery, these come in handy to put the baby’s essentials in and keep things off of the counters, dressers, and table tops. A small pail or Diaper Genie works well in the nursery for instantaneous disposal of soiled diapers. As it fills, you can take it out with the rest of the garbage.

You should try to avoid harsh chemicals in your home cleaning supplies at this time for obvious reasons, but there are some great alternative cleaners you can utilize. Vinegar is a wonderful all-purpose cleaner. Use half vinegar and half water in a spray bottle to wipe down counters, tables, changing tables, and any other surface that needs regular cleaning. It also removes odors quite well. Another great odor remover is citrus fruit. If you find that your surfaces hold odors, cut an orange or lemon in half and rub it all over the entire surface. Allow it to sit for a few minutes, and then wipe it off with a wet cloth to get rid of stickiness.

As you are going throughout your day, take a few minutes to clean several times can be a lot easier than trying to take a few hours each day to clean. Since you have limited time, this works out well. For example, when you’re waiting for a bottle to heat, gather all dirty dishes from the rooms and place them in the dishwasher to start. As you’re cooking dinner, throw a load of clothes in the washer and fold any that need to be put away. When you get out of the shower, make sure that all dirty clothes are in the hamper, the clutter in the bathroom is minimal and the surfaces are clean. You can even give the toilet a quick scrub and wipe down and spray the shower with self-cleaning spray.

Being a new mom can bring you some unique time challenges, but using the tips and ideas above can help you overcome them. Perhaps the most important tip you can ever get is to remember that everyone needs help once in a while! Don’t underestimate the joy of letting Dad take the baby for a while, or a doting aunt, grandma, or friend! This way, you’ll get a bit of a break and be refreshed for when your bundle of joy gets back.

Your Guide to Choosing a Catpet Cleaning Company

There are several good reasons to look for carpet cleaning companies to do the cleaning of your carpet in a more thorough and professional manner. However, before you pick a particular company it is necessary that you first decide which kind of carpet cleaning method is to be used.

This, in turn, requires that you decide between dry carpet cleaning or wet carpet cleaning; each option has its own share of pluses and minuses and so you must know how a particular option will prove to be better for the kind of carpet that you wish to have cleaned.

Before selecting one of the many carpet cleaning companies you will of course first need to look at the kind of carpet that is to be cleaned. A soggy carpet will take much more time to dry out completely and so it is necessary to plan and prepare a cleaning schedule while taking this factor into account. So, before picking the company that is to do the cleaning of your carpet you should find out how long the company takes to give you back a completely clean and dry carpet.

Secondly, before choosing a carpet cleaning company you must look for a company that has plenty of experience in their field and which can show certifications such as IICRC and also RIA. Such certification shows that the company has completed the required coursework to do the carpet cleaning according to accepted standards.

Professional carpet cleaning services are able to do the cleaning with the help of various cleaning methods including shampooing and dry cleaning as well as foam cleaning and bonnet cleaning and finally, they also can steam clean your carpet. Whichever method you want to use to clean your carpet it is first necessary for the carpet cleaning service to vacuum your carpet thoroughly so as to facilitate proper deep cleaning of the carpet thereafter.

Before picking a particular company to clean up your carpet you must also find out from the company which chemicals they are going to use to clean the carpet. And, you need to also get the company representative to explain to you the benefits and dangers of using these chemicals. It is also never a good idea to hire a company that only provides you with a quote and then insists that you either take it or leave it.

Next, before picking a company to do your carpet cleaning you should also enquire about whether the company has employees to do the cleaning or whether it subcontracts the work to others. Be careful about dealing with carpet cleaning companies that advertise and then book a job and then further sub-let the work to others. Such situations are fraught with dangers as you will not be protected against theft or breakages that are caused by subcontractor while they are doing your carpet cleaning work.

The foam carpet cleaning option is somewhat of a cross between dry cleaning and shampooing and it is also quite effective in removing dirt from the carpet. The bonnet cleaning option, however, is mainly used to clean carpets that are being used in commercial buildings. This option is not the best because its main function is to restore the looks of the carpet rather than clean out all the dirt from the carpet.

By keeping these tips in mind you can start searching for the best carpet cleaning company assured of the fact that you know what makes for a good choice and what decisions can end up costing you a lot of grief and also your money.

Carpet Cleaning-Maintaining Hygiene and Sanitation

All of us would concur that carpets are quite expensive as well as maintaining them are all the more a costly proposition. It is currently possible to maintain carpets clean by adopting simple carpet cleaning activities. This becomes even more important if you have kids at home. There tend to be some simple tips that could enable you to keep carpets clean.

Simple Suggestions
Vacuuming and shampoo cleaning along with steam cleaning really aid. There are professional carpet cleaning companies that would provide complete carpet cleaning services. If you’ve your own vacuum cleaner, then you can do the cleaning frequently. The fibers get stuck to the carpets and hence it becomes important to clean these regularly. Places of high traffic have to be regularly cleaned by moving the vacuum front and also back several times to get rid of the dirt and fibers.

Carpet shampooing can also be effective in cleaning carpets. The shampoos are usually sprayed and allowed to settle so that the dirt is washed away when vacuumed. Steam cleaning can be effective carpet cleaning technique. You might want to tryout stain removal techniques if the carpets are already stained. Steam cleaners work well in removing stubborn stains. A blend of detergent and hot water are employed for removing dirt and dust, Professional businesses use steam cleaning techniques and also the steam cleaners use hot water and detergent to loosen the dirt in the carpet and your carpet seems clean and sparkling.

It is essential to eliminate carpet stains by pursuing routine shampooing. Steam cleaning may also be used for getting rid of the dirt. When the stains tend to be fresh, it is easy to remove it. Simple home remedies may also be followed. Baking soda is an efficient carpet cleaner and it helps to get rid of even oil stains. A combination of cornstarch along with baking soda helps get rid of stains. Similarly, vinegar can also be effective in removing coffee and chocolate stains.

Keeping your carpets within pristine condition
Prevention surpasses cure and it is now possible to keep the carpets in pristine condition through avoiding walking on the carpets making use of shoes that you have worn outside. Always wear socks whenever walking on carpets. Place a door mat in order that visitors would dust their shoes on these before entering your home.

Understanding everything about tenancy cleaning
Those associated with you living in rental apartments may need to sign on the tenancy agreement that speaks of tenancy cleaning. Generally, the agreement is perfect for about eleven months so when the tenant vacates the property, it is the duty of the tenant to obtain it cleaned. Under Specialist tenancy cleaning clauses, the renter would make certain that the interiors as well as the exteriors of the property tend to be kept clean.